Keep the car running…or The Best Day this summer

Somehow I forgot to blog about this. This summer I saw TWO awesome bands on one lovely day. The Pixies are a long time favourite of mine, seeing them play live was amazing, although I wish they had played for longer and that the crowd has been more into it. Arcade Fire were fantastic, I loved every second of it. Arcade Fire collage

Barcelona in 8 hours: Part 2

It was quite clear that 8 hours in Barcelona were not enough. Once I stepped into the world famous La Boqueria Food Market, I knew I could have easily spent the whole afternoon there. La Boqueria is one of Europe’s largest food markets and is a real delight for the senses. The sights, smells and sheer number of people were overwhelming, not to mention the heat from the ovens.

The first thing we did was quench our thirst with a fresh fruit juice. They came in all colour and flavour combinations, and cost around 1 Euro. I chose coconut and fresh mint, and it was delicious.

barcelona food1

Next we had a quick stroll around the market, taking in the sights and smells.

barcelona food3

barcelona food2

barcelona food5

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to eat in the market – the queues were so large at all of the stalls. Instead we ate at a noodle place at the door of the market called Walk to Noodle. I can’t complain though, it was delicious.

Finding a delicious ice cream shop called Manna Gelats helped me cope with the heat and get over missing out on those delicious burritos above, and they nice man who owned the shop took our photograph for his Facebook page. My peach flavoured ice cream was so good. Apparently they get all their fruit from the food market. I highly recommend trying this place if you are in the city!




Barcelona in 8 hours: Part 1

Barcelona has been on my bucket list for years, so I was very happy to have a whole day there this summer.

We only had one day to see everything, so we went on a bus tour in the morning and spent the afternoon exploring. The tour was a good way to see all areas of the city – Barcelona is huge and there is no way you could see it all on foot in one day. The tour covered the Gaudi cathedral, Olympic Stadium and the designer shopping areas. We also saw the royal palaces, and had great view of the city and the marina from the same area.

In the afternoon, we stayed around the Rambla area. The crowds were crazy and the weather a bit too hot for me, but it was worth it. I’ve always wanted to see the Gaudi buildings, not to mention the home of my favourite Spanish shops like Mango and Zara.


Barcelona is probably one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. The architecture is amazing and there is a stunning view around every quarter. The medieval part of the city was my favourite; coble stones and winding alleys full of interesting buildings, balconies and shops. I really liked the little details on the buildings. There were historic carvings and plaques mixed with modern graffiti.

buildings in barcelona


One of the most unexpected things about Barcelona was the dogs. They were everywhere!



So, the first part of the afternoon was spent sightseeing. The second part was all about food and you can read about this in my next post.


We actually had some sunshine this summer…in Spain.


We visited Roses in Catalonia and it was beautiful. There was lot’s of cold beer, cheese and paella, as well as stunning scenery and hot sun. Just what I needed!